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Project Profile:

Kauai National Botanical Gardens – LEED™ Certified

Project Summary

Going for LEED™ certification, Gravelpave2 was used for its recycled content and porosity. Rainstore3 was used for its recycled content and stormwater harvesting ability. The Gravelpave2 sits as a “green roof” parking lot on top of the new administration building (upper part of the site). The rainwater is conveyed to the Rainstore3 harvesting chamber located between the two old administration buildings (lower part of site). The captured rainwater will be used for irrigation. Other”Green” features: Botanical Research Center building, National Tropical Botanical Garden 22,000 square feet, $11 million construction cost Cast concrete framework, recycled steel in all reinforcing iron More than 90 percent of construction waste recycled. One-third of electrical load to come from solar panels on roof. All rainwater off roof stored in underground tanks for irrigation. Wood external wall covering recycled from old buildings.


NTBG National Headquarters, Kalāheo, Kaua‘i, Hawai‘i - 3530 Papalina Road - (808) 332-7324

Install Size

1080 units Rainstore3 - GV2 200 m2 (2500 sq ft)


Wagner Engineering / Brian Hennesy


Unlimited Construction / Kaiwa Construction

Project Gallery

Installing the geogrid and geotextile fabric, prior to the Rainstore3 Units.
The excavated hole is high enough for Rainstore3 stacked 12 high - 1.2 meters (3.93 ft).
Here, workers spread the fabric over the entire bottom of the chamber. A layer of impermeable liner is sandwiched between two layers of fabric - all encasing the Raintore3 structure - in harvesting applications.
This Gravelpave2 photo is for representation only. No site photos are available at this time.