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Project Profile:

Lakehead University Orillia Campus LEED Platinum (pending)

Project Summary

A unique system to capture stormwater from the adjacent road. This water will flow into a catch basin, move through a filtering system, flow to a chamber for storage, and then the water is pumped to the above ground water feature. The underground chamber was designed to be both a harvesting – grey water re-use.. The system also includes an outlet pipe to the cities combined storm sewer system and a manhole for maintenance. In addition to water being pumped to the surface pond, part of the captured gray water is also used for toilet and urinal flushing to reduce fresh water use in the building. The decorative surface ponds were designed in for the enjoyment of students, faculty and staff of the Orillia Campus. The pond is comprised of 30 cm thick reinforced poured concrete with water-proofing. The pond is about one meter deep, 4.4 meters wide and the full length of the underground harvesting system. The ponds have a wood decking plaza surrounding, and partially traversing, the water feature. Below the decking is reinforced concrete with strategically placed drainage holes. The holes lead into a granular aggregate designed to drain and convey the water towards the harvesting system. The captured stormwater in the subsurface harvesting chamber is also recycled as gray water for toilet and urinal flushing inside the building. Engineer Greg Gebert, Project Manager with Crossey Engineering says “The water is pumped from the chamber to a sand filter package and then pumped to the gray water system inside the building.” Gebert designed the mechanical systems for the Orillia Campus building project. This re-use of stormwater and reduction of fresh water (potable) will contribute to the LEED™ Platinum rating on the project. The gray water system is completely separate from the fresh water/potable system provided by the city. The wastewater from the toilets will flow to the municipal sewage treatment.


Westbridge Blvd., Orillia, ON, Canada

Install Size

6000 Units


Michael Buske, CET along with Engineer Tim Collingwood, Project Manager with CC Tatham & Assoc.


EllisDon, General Contractor. Terrafix, Distributor. Topsite Construction, Installer.

Project Gallery

Completed pond over Rainstore3 detention system
Completed pond over Rainstore3 detention system. Rainstore3 supplies water and supports the decorative pond.
The Rainstore3 units are moved into position.
The two layers of fabric and the impermeable liner are wrapped around the Rainstore3 units.
Side filling and compacting of the perimeter of the chamber.
Side fill and compaction continue as the top layer of geogrid is unrolled
The Rainstore3 chamber is complete and ready for the decorative pond to be placed on top.
Bridges allow students to cross the pond (over Rainstore3) to get to the building.
Completed: Bridges allow students to cross the decorative ponds (over Rainstore3) to get to the building.