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Project Profile:

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Project Summary

Grasspave2 was selected as an invisible driving surface, erosion prevention, and swale reinforcement. The grass areas between and surrounding the south airfield, were reinforced with Grasspave2. Emergency vehicles can easily traverse the area without sinking or getting stuck. The Grasspave2 is powerful enough to support the largest aircraft, however the grass area probably will not see any aircraft ground traffic. The porous Grasspave2 will also collect storm water and deliver it to an underground chamber.


1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA  90045

Install Size

40,700 m2 (438,100 sq ft)


HNTB Corporation 6151 West Century Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90045


Tutor-Saliba Corporation & O & G Ind. Inc.

Project Gallery

The Grasspave2 installation began at taxi way F - A (arrivals).
Workers apply Hydrogrow on top of the base course.
Unrolling of the Grasspave2 begins.
Large patches of grass will be reinforced with Grasspave2.
The Grasspave2 area is graded slightly (swale) to direct excess sheet flow water into an inlet (left).
Workers snap the large rolls to adjacent rolls.
Courtesy www.lawa.org, this image shows the site plan of the improvements to the South Airfield.