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Los Angeles National Cemetery

Project Summary

There are 32,000 flat markers on the closed cemetery and they have reinforced 16,000 of them to date. Bill Livingston (Director) has received donations for much of the work. Some of the markers are close together and have strips of GP2, while others have blocks of reinforcement just under and around the marker. Bill gave us a copy of the power point presentation he uses to show others what they are doing to improve the stability of the markers using our GP2.


950 South Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90049

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Director Bill Livingston initiated the testing of Grasspave2, phone 310-268-4030. Four other national cemeteries, as of July 2003, are also testing GP2.


Staff of Los Angeles National Cemetery. Cemetery staff from other states have received training here.

Project Gallery

Easy to handle rolls were custom made for this installation.
Long rows of even markers supported by a strip of Grasspave2 a half meter wide.
Process installation showing the Grasspave2 filled with gravel to the top of the rings, then the marker stone is laid on top.
Process Installation showing soil filled on top of the rings, around the marker, finishing it level with the top of the stone. The soil is then seeded with common Bermuda.
Installation photo showing workers connecting rolls.
Installation photo of the rolls before sand in placed into the rings.
From Memorial Day, 2010. Flags adorn all the markers at the cemetery.