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Project Profile:

Loyola Marymount College

Project Summary

This application of Grasspave2 combines concrete in an interesting way with cutouts in the concrete and Grasspave2 in the spaces so that lush green grass could grow between the hard surface, then with a plain strip of grass between this and a smaller solid concrete strip used by golf cart maintenance vehicles.


900 Loyola Boulevard at West 80th Street, Los Angeles, CA  90045

Install Size

1,060 m2 (11,410 sf), plus additional orders from stock


Loyola Marymount College


Jezowski & Markel Contractors, Inc., 748 Poplar Street, Orange, CA  92868

Project Gallery

The church is the central focal point to the campus. Our Grasspave2 installation is about four blocks left of this location at the new residence complex.
Just off to the right is a fire hydrant which is always a good indication that you are looking at a fire lane.
Here is a closer view of the Grasspave2 in all the grass areas shown here, including the narrow strips.
Looking back toward the residences the Grasspave2 strips repeat the design of windows and also include curves as the path winds around the site.
The grass is very lush between the concrete despite the heat of the concrete probably due to the Hydrogrow mixture that comes free with our mats and is intended to help attract and keep moisture available for the grass.
In the afternoon light the look of the grass and concrete detail is dramatic with the shadowed trees.
Looking back along the path we have just traveled it's great to understand how the Grasspave2 mats curve so easily for this application