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Project Profile:

Luiseno Park

Project Summary

To add to the beauty of the park, ADL Planning Associates used Grasspave2 as an attractive maintenance access road.


Douglas Drive and Teal Way, Oceanside, CA

Install Size

510 m2 (5,500 sq ft)


ADL Planning Associates


City of Oceanside

Project Gallery

Teal Way entrance along left side of sidewalk. Note the tall lighting for the sports fields. This may help you locate the park.
From Teal Way entrance shown here, follow the left edge of the sidewalk for the Grasspave2 vehicle access lane. This is a long strip that curves to the right, then follows the sidewalk into the distance to Vandergrift Road.
This bollard detail shows you a bit of the Grasspave2 rings and the padlock that is used to secure the removable bollard.
In this section, the left edge of the Grasspave2 is marked with a flush concrete curb.
The Grasspave2 lane continues along the sidewalk.
This is the other end at Vandergrift Road with Grasspave2 along the edge of the sidewalk.