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Project Profile:

Lunada Bay Residence

Project Summary

This project recieved a RESIDENTIAL DESIGN HONOR AWARD from ASLA in 2007. Visit http://asla.org/awards/2007/07winners/533_aala.html to get the whole project summary. The designers concealed the parking/access by making it out of Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2.



Install Size

100 m2 (1100 sq ft) Gravelpave2 and 90 m2 (1000 sq ft) Grasspave2


Artecho Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Venice, California. Principal-in-charge Pamela Palmer, ASLA


Thomas Huerta, H&H Landscaping

Project Gallery

The Grasspave2 access road curves around to the semi-hidden Gravelpave2 overflow parking area.
The Grasspave2 area leads to the Gravelpave2 overflow parking.