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Project Profile:

Malibu Multi-Tenant Beach Residence

Project Summary

The Gravelpave2 edge is 1/2" below the top of the sidewalk which has kept the gravel from migrating onto the concrete. This is a nice edge detail to remember for your designs. The Pacific Ocean is just on the other side of this building so you can see that space is a premium and using a porous paving surface is a wise choice.


22648 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA  90265-5044

Install Size

120 m2 (1520 sq ft)





Project Gallery

Note the cut curb which allows access over the entire length of Gravelpave2 between the sidewalk and the building for it's entire length.
Gravelpave2 is so flat that it looks a lot like exposed concrete. Note that Gravelpave2 is used for the driveway in front of the three garage doors also. Trimming around these utility ports is very easy and the end result is very attractive.
You can barely make out the rings in the lower section of this photo. This level of gravel fill is appropriate.
The paving slabs for the entrance integrate nicely with the Gravelpave2 on either side.
The edge detail is very nicely done and excess runoff is directed to the storm drain shown on the left.