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Little apron parking areas are marked with bronze plaques mounted to stone retaining walls. This is a nice design feature that keeps the complex softer looking with less hard surface.


30801 Pacific Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Install Size

700 m2 (7500 sq ft)


Montage Resorts


Montage Resorts

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Montage Laguna Beach is a beautiful resort built against the hill side. To the south is the hotel shown here, to the north are the suites where Grasspave2 provides a widened grass strip fire lane access road and near the beach, grass off-road parking.
This is a very non-traditional parking area, where soft vegetation along the wall in front of the bungalows, includes Grasspave2 parking areas.
Looking back up the entrance road, this grass strip has Grasspave2 to widen the access for fire trucks. This area doesn't appear to be used for parking. Some of the bungalows are shown in the background.
"Private Residential Parking by Permit Only" is the sign shown here for the Grasspave2 parking strip.
By using Grasspave2, the width of the roadway appear much narrower than if the side area were also paved with asphalt.
Here's a closer view of the same area. Note how firm the grass surface appears underneath the front wheel.
Just off the South Coast Highway, the drive between the two palms is the entrance to the main hotel. Take the drive here in the foreground to the bungalows, north and down hill along our Grasspave2 fire lane, shown above, then to the reinforced off-road parking.