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Project Profile:

Mooney’s Bay Park

Project Summary

The City of Ottawa chose Beachrings2 as a simple and portable way to provide wheelchair access to the riverside beach. The City opted for Beachrings2 over more expensive boardwalks,concrete walks, or asphalt paving. The City will store the mats over the winter and roll them out for thesummer months. The Beachrings2 system will also travel todifferent parts of Ottawa for festivals and events on as as needed basis.


Riverside Drive and Hog's Back Road, Ottawa, ON K1V 1H8

Install Size

436 tiles (16 Model D, 1 Model E, and a 4x4 custom)


City of Ottawa


City of Ottawa

Project Gallery

Beachrings2 in Ottawa
Mooney's Bay Park beachgoers now have a wheelchair accessible path with Beachrings2.
Beachrings2 textured surface
Beachrings2's textured surface provides just the right amount of friction for easy travel and grip.
Wheelchair over Beachrings2
Hand propelled and electric wheelchair wheels have no problem going across the Beachrings2 mats.
Wheelchair on sand
A beachgoer makes it 80% of the way to the water on Beachrings2 and opts to go the rest on sand.
Beachrings2 three tiles wide
This Beachrings2 path is three tiles wide for 47.25 inches (1.2 meters) wide.