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Project Profile:

Multnomah Elementary School

Project Summary

This was Invisible Structures’ first Rainstore3 installation and it is a pilot project for Los Angeles School District. With so much hard surface around schools, the ambient air temperatures are higher than vegetated areas. The large amount of asphalt creates a hot spot around the school affecting air conditioning costs and human comfort. Decreasing asphalt, increasing vegetation, and recycling valuable water are the goals. North East Trees is a not-for-profit company and we have been working with them through Scott Wilson for four years starting when Rainstore3 was in the prototype phase. The installation had to capture and store 27,000 gallons of stormwater from school building roofs during the rainy season, then utilizing the nutrient rich water to irrigate plant material and lawns during long dry periods. Depth of Rainstore3 was 48” or 1.2 meters (12 pieces high). An inspection/pump port was installed to monitor water levels. Two columns of Rainstore3 , from one cube, the full depth of the installation, were removed for access. Solar power is used to power the pumps which are connected to irrigation equipment. Testing water levels indicated that there was a leak in the initial high density polyethylene liner so the installation was improved with a heavier, 40 mil PVC liner, a filter fabric cushion, and now the water is holding.


2101 Indiana Street, Los Angeles, CA  90032

Install Size

27,000 gallons rainwater, 79 m3


Scott Wilson, North East Trees


North East Trees, 570 W. Avenue 26, Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA  90065

Project Gallery

Storage - Excavate for sand bed, 40 mil PVC liner, and Rainstore3 units.
Access Port - Cut away two columns of Rainstore3 for the access port. Any size of pipe can be accommodated.
Assembly - Simple block shapes work in any direction and are easy to place. These Rainstore3 units were set on their heads, utilizing the smooth side against the filter fabric padding placed over a 40 mil PVC liner.