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Project Profile:

“Murietta Diamond” Insterstate Interchange

Project Summary

Caltrans and the City of Murietta partnered to improve the interstate interchange at I-215 and Los Alamos Rd in Murietta. Part of the improvement was to make the interchange more attractive and brand it more to the city. The City's signature emblem is the Diamond. Decorative stones and vegetation will be installed in the Slopetame2 areas. Slopetame2 won out in a competitive contest among other products for the following reasons: • Slopetame2's fabric backing is injection molded to the grid, not glued on. • Slopetame2 flexes in both directions - laterally and horizontally. • Slopetame2 structure is low-profile leading to less stone fill. • Slopetame2 has erosion control bars every third row between rings to help minimize stone movement.


The interchange at I-215 and Los Alamos Rd

Install Size

3480 sq meters (37,400 sq ft)


Caltrans with the City of Murietta.


Yakar, Inc

Project Gallery

Murrieta Slopetame2
Slopetame2 filled with aggregate.
Murrieta Slopetame2
Slopetame2 surrounds the "Murietta Diamond" under construction.
Murrieta Slopetame2
Workers cut and place sections of Slopetame2 around the image/sculpture.
Murrieta Slopetame2 installation
Long rolls of Slopetame2 make for quick installation.
Murrieta Slopetame2 installation
Workers adjust the fabric backing between rolls of Slopetame2.
Murrieta Slopetame2 installation.
Model 2020 rolls (6.6ft x 65.6 ft) of Slopetame2 were installed at the site.
Anchoring the Slopetame2
A worker installs the anchoring system for Slopetame2.
Murrieta Slopetame2 Installation.
Prior to installation, the "Murietta Diamond" shape is sprayed on the embankment.