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Project Profile:

Old North Knoxville Neighborhood Park

Project Summary

The members of Old North Knoxville, Inc. (the residents) wanted to create a safe place, out of the street, for the children to play. They took land that was once overgrown and stagnant, and gave it renewed purpose, a better use, and a new life. When designing their new park they took into consideration the need for a walking trail and ADA accessibility. They considered the idea of making their park an environmentally friendly example to the surrounding communities, and thus decided on the use of Gravelpave2 for their walking trail construction. “I would call [this] one of Tennessee's nicest Gravelpave2 installs, yet” – Mike Barto, ETG


E Oklahoma Avenue NE

Install Size

110 m2 (1,188 sq ft)




Neighborhood volunteers and HGTV (Home and Garden Television) volunteers

Project Gallery

Brick edging is placed after the design layout has been decided for the walking trails. Each brick will be etched with business or personal messages for a donation to help in paying for the cost of the park.
Once the edging is complete, then the Gravelpave2 matting is anchored into place using pins and washers.
Crushed gravel is then brought in by wheelbarrow and swept into the Gravelpave2 grid system. After the trail is complete, sand will be used to fill the voids between the bricks to give the trail a finished look.
Landings constructed with the same brick pavers used in edging the Gravelpave2 will help to connect the multiple walking trails that stretch around the park.
Mulch for bedding is installed along the edges of the walking path and the landings to further enhance the beauty of the park.
While still under construction, the walking trails have already become a very welcome addition to the Old North Knoxville community.