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Project Profile:

Olsen deTurck Architect & Greenfields Fire Co

Project Summary

The area behind Greenfield Fire is starved for nutrients while the one behind DeTurck is lush and thick. Each is taking care of their own while the contract should be left for both so that they both look fantastic. Currently there is a dumpster between the buildings and no one uses the parking lot.


Olsen deTurck at 2345 Bernville Road, phone 610-371-9606, www.olsendeturck.com. and 2349 Bernville Road, Reading, PA  19603

Install Size

330 m2 (3,552 sq ft)




Shirk Excavating, Rd2, Box 2021B, Fleetwood, PA  19522

Project Gallery

Pervious-Grass Paving was installed in the areas at Greenfields Fire Company, using Grasspave2.
This asphalt drive entrance goes beyond the dumpster to the GP2 parking area behind this building and the one on the left.
Permeable Paving was installed at Olsen deTurck Architect and Greenfields Fire Co, Reading, Pennsylvania, using Grasspave2.
You can see a marked difference in maintenance programs with the Greenfields’ area looking spotty and the one in the distance behind Olsen deTurck Architects looking beautifully green. This property backs up to the Redding Airport.