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Project Profile:

Open Charter Elementary (Formerly Osage)

Project Summary

The grant money was obtained by Tree People, Rebecca Drayse at 818-623-4867, 12601 Mulholland Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Rainwater is collected on school property, stored, and reused later to irrigate trees, shrubs, and lawn areas. Cool Communities Nat’l Program requires green areas in cities to reduce reflective heat, provide shade, and lower ambient air temperatures. View the pdf <a href="https://www.invisiblestructures.com/Med&tech/WhitePapers/Rainwater_as_a_Resource.pdf" Rainwater as a Resource: A Report on Three Sites Demonstrating Sustainable Stormwater Management.


5540 West 77th St., Los Angeles, CA  90013

Install Size

15,216 pcs. (110,000 gallon)


Montgomery Watson Harza


C. W. Neal Corporation/ Doty Bros.

Project Gallery

With asphalt paving around excavated hole, the crew used a pallet jack for transport of materials from storage to the excavator. First a layer of filter fabric was laid down, then the pre-made waterproof liner by Webtech.
Be very careful to avoid puncturing the waterproof liner. The roll was lifted with straps secured to a pole that ran through the center. First day they placed about 23 cells along with the upper fabric layer on the floor.
Lay another layer of filter fabric down to protect the liner and allow for marking the outer perimeter of the stack placement of RS3. Note that the ladder is sitting on sand bags to protect the liner and prevent puncture.
Sand bags placed at the top perimeter keep the liner in place. A plywood sheet provides a staging area for stacks.
Contractor designed a lifting jig with straps suspended from an excavator. Ask for a drawing to build one for your project. This technique will prevent tall stacks from tipping when lowered into the hole, and also protects the top cells from getting broken.
All seven workers are shown in this photo - 1 on machine, 2 on pallet at top, 1 receiving stacks, and 3 positioning stacks of RS3.
This hand cart is a little too small. Use one with high support bars and handles for better bracing when tilted.