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Project Profile:


Project Summary

Oracle is constructing another building, evidenced by the newly poured foundation. The irrigation for one section of fire lane had been turned off and the area had a lot of clover and dried grass. The rest of the installation was very lush and attractive.


1001 Sunset Boulevard, Rocklin, CA

Install Size

560 m2 (6028 sq ft)




Ewing Irrigation, 3391 Switzer Rd., Loomis, CA  95650

Project Gallery

Backside of Oracle building showing fire lane access along the sidewalk edge.
Fire access next to sidewalk and near the newly poured foundation.
The good half of the fire lane near the back gate. The rest of the area to the east is all dried up from lack off irrigation and frequent construction traffic.
Main corporate sign on the corner. Building is lower, in the background, and fire lane starts on the right side of the offices. The curved front entrance is stunning.