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Project Profile:

Oregon Institute of Technology

Project Summary

Invisible Structures, I wanted to let you know that we recently installed some Grasspave2 for a project at the Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath, Falls Oregon. The Fire Marshall was quite reluctant to accept the idea that his aerial apparatus vehicle would be driving on turf. He requested a field test before his final approval and I’ve attached photos from that successful day. There was a genuine look of disbelief on the faces of the firefighters as they hopped off the truck and looked down at the wheels resting (but not indenting) the turf.


3201 Campus Drive Klamath Falls, OR  97601

Install Size

350 m2 (3,600 sq ft)


Paul Waters, SRG Partnership


Skanska USA Building, Inc. – Dennis’ 7-Dees Landscaping

Project Gallery

Firefighters look on in disbelief as Grasspave2 porous paving supports the weight of the fire truck.
Grasspave2 is powerful enough to hold this 70,000 lb fire truck.
Outriggers on both the concrete and the Grasspave2 section.
Ladder fully extended, with full weight on the outriggers. Grasspave2 is as strong as the concrete.