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Paez Residence

Project Summary

From Jason Paez: I have a 10ft side yard not on the driveway side of my property. I paved that part of my side yard to park my boat and truck but had no way to get the boat and vehicle there. I looked for a solution that would allow me to park my boat and truck on the side yard and not have to pour a second driveway or ugly drivestrips through my grass. I looked at many solutions but settled on Grasspve2 because it allowed me to have everything I wanted without compromise. First, I was able to have a nice grass front yard. Second, I had a surface my kids could play on without worrying about them getting hurt on drivestrips. Third, the aesthetics were important to me and any other option would require some tradeoffs. Of course, there are competing products to Grasspave2, but I did my research before purchasing. Grasspave2 was the only product that allowed ample space for the grass roots to grow unlike competing products. Too, I have a neighbor who put this in a few years back and his lawn looks great. If you have any worries about growing lawn over sand, don't. Also, Grasspave2 was more affordable and easier to install. A better product at a lower cost, how can you beat that? My grass is doing well, I've driven over it a few times and you can't even tell. I can't say enough about Geo Options. Colleen was great to work with and answered many questions before I made my purchase. She even spent time on the phone with the local rockery to make sure I had the right sand. When it came to the install day, my installers misplaced the bag of special fertilizer [Hydrogrow]. Colleen drove 1/2 way from Martinez to San Jose to meet me with a second bag of fertilizer [Hydrogrow]. That's the kind of service you can expect from Geo Options.



Install Size

30 m2 (324 sq ft)


Jason Paez


Pham Landscape and Gardening - 408-655-3530

Project Gallery

Finished Grasspave2 boat and RV area doubles as a play area for the kids. The Graspave2 area is to the right of the photo and normal turf is in the left section. This photo was taken two weeks after installation.
Unrolled Grasspave2 sits on a base course.
Workers fill the Grass pavers with sand.
Grasspave2 with sand fill waits for the sod surfacing.