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Project Profile:

Paul Wellstone Memorial

Project Summary

Sanders, Wacker, Bergly Inc. used Gravelpave2 to reduce rutting, erosion, and retain a natural appearance for the memorial site. Gray Gravelpave2 blends nicely with the decorative aggregate fill. 31 rolls of Gravelpave2 model 2520 were used on the site. Model 2520s are 2.5 meters wide (8.2 ft) by 20 meter long (65.6 ft). Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone served in the U.S. Senate from 1991 until his death in a plane crash on 25 October 2002.


Bodas Road (County Rd 950)

Install Size

1,550 m2 (16,600 sq ft)


Sanders, Wacker, Bergly Inc


Terra Ferma Development

Project Gallery

Over sixteen thousand square feet (fifteen hundred square meters) of Gravelpave2 trails, wind through the memorial site.
Gravelpave2 provides protection against rutting and erosion for these trails.
A close-up look at the gravel fill reveals some of the Gravelpave2 rings. Gray Gravelpave2 was used to match the aggregate fill.
An additional shot of the gravel/Gravelpave2.