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Project Profile:

Pechanga Resort and Casino

Project Summary

The Grasspave2 system provides the Casino and Resort with more green space and a fire lane. The design was quite nice with a concrete curb delineating the fire lane and a sidewalk, flush with the Grasspave2, traverses the fire lane.


45,000 Pechanga Parkway

Install Size

1000 m2 (11,165 sq ft)





Project Gallery

A curved sidewalk cuts through the Grasspave2 fire lane.
A concrete curb separates and delineates the Grasspave2 fire lane from the unsupported lawn.
A view of the main entrance of the Casino.There is no noticeable difference in the Grasspave2 system and the unsupported lawn - both are equally nice.
Grasspave2 adds a nice touch to the landscaping and the surrounding natural topography.
An additional shot of the landscaped area with Grasspave2 in the background.
A sign marks the entrance to the Pachanga Resort/Casino.