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Project Profile:

Pentagon Memorial

Project Summary

On September 11, 2008, seven years after the terrorist attacks at the Pentagon, The Pentagon Memorial was dedicated to the people who lost their lives. The Memorial is structured chronologically based on the ages of the victims, with the 184 individual Memorials placed along Age Lines parallel to the trajectory of American Airlines Flight 77. While the Memorial Units themselves are the central focus and at the heart of the project, when visitors traverse the grounds they notice the sound of crunching gravel and the feel of small stones moving underfoot. The audible nature of the gravel and the slight shifting were purposeful and intended in the design of the Pentagon Memorial. Along with rippled water, reflected light, and the tactile nature of the walls, the gravel was chosen to help visitors feel a part of the Memorial. The Designers of the Memorial, Julie Beckman and Keith Kaseman, KBAS Studios, Philadelphia, wanted to promote contemplation, feeling, and investigation without implicitly telling visitors what to think or feel. The gravel surface is unique compared to many of the granite, marble, and concrete walking surfaces at memorials and monuments in Washington, D. C. For the sound, look, and feel they wanted, the designers chose a fifty-fifty mix of Cibola Gold and Cadet Black granite gravel imported from Texas. To facilitate the use of gravel in the design, Kaseman and Beckman used Gravelpave2 to stabilize the loose aggregate and to allow for pedestrian, wheelchair, and stroller access.


Pentagon Renovation Program 100 Boundary Channel Drive Arlington, VA  22202

Install Size

5500 m2 (56,000 sq ft)


Julie Beckman and Keith Kaseman, KBAS Studios, Philadelphia


Davey Tree Experts Company, Chantilly, VA

Project Gallery

Individual Memorial Units are the centerpiece and the heart of the Pentagon Memorial.
Memorials either point toward or away from the Pentagon signaling whether the victim was a Pentagon Employee or a Passenger on Flight 77.
Memorial Units are meant to be sat on and the site is meant to be seen, heard, felt, and contemplated. Gravelpave2 porous paving was used to promote the growth of the trees in the gravel surface.
Gravelpave2 is located both in and out of the Age Lines.
The height of the Gravelpave2 and the Height of the pavers were matched.
President Bush and Former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, at the Dedication Ceremony.
During installation, the Gray Gravelpave2 was cut to fit inside and outside of the Age Lines.