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Project Profile:

Polaris Place

Project Summary

It isn't often that a project includes both our Grasspave2 and a competitor's concrete version of grass paving. Here you can see that the client takes good care of all four sections, our two, and the competitor's two.


26198 Laguna Hills Drive, Aliso Viejo, CA (aka Aliso Viejo Parkway at Hwy 73 intersection)

Install Size

370 m2 (4000 sq ft)





Project Gallery

Eastern fire lane of Grasspave2 winds between the buildings to the outer ring road. There is even a slight vertical profile evident here.
Eastern fire lane covers the entire grass area. Using Grasspave2 allows you to combine hard surface sidewalks at any angle.
Western section starts at ring road and parking lots, over the sidewalk area to the central courtyard behind the camera.