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Project Profile:

Poway Business Center

Project Summary

Stormwater detention for under a parking area. The Rainstore3 cells were stacked 2.4 meters high (7.9 ft) - 24 units high.


14170 Kirkham Way, Poway, CA

Install Size

3100 RS3 units (10,170 cu ft storage)


RBF Consulting


Underground Utilities

Project Gallery

Workers cut out a few cylinders to make way for a maintenance port. Cylinders can only be cut out for this purpose - cutting them to fit a space, or for any other reason, will compromise the structural integrity.
An excavator arm or backhoe arm, with or without the scoop, works well to transport RS3 cells.
The cell is then transferred to the workers, who can place it into final position.
The excavator loads up another cell for transfer into the chamber.