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Project Profile:

Private Residence

Project Summary

The Owners wanted a permeable driveway that mixed brick with grass, and his goal was 100% grass where possible. [From Isthmus | The Daily Page] "As an architect, I understand what it means to have zero runoff," he says. With the help of a product called Grasspave2, he achieved his goal. Grasspave2 is a plastic ring-and-grid structure installed into the ground, over a crushed gravel base, and finished with grass. As the grass grows, the Grasspave2 becomes invisible and handles the wear and tear a driveway requires with ease. The result for the Chamberlins was a beautiful driveway that created a harmonious front yard while honoring his zero-runoff goals. And it's okay, even encouraged, to drive on the grass! [end reference]



Install Size

Approx. 20 m2 (200 sq ft)


Wendel Chamberlin


Masseys, Landscaping 7156 Brassco Lane Verona, WI  53593 – www.masseyslandscaping.com

Project Gallery

The center strip and outside edges of the driveway are Grasspave2.
The mixture of concrete pavers and Grasspave2 makes an attractive driveway.