Project Profile:

Private Residence Driveway

Project Summary

The owners of this project wanted a cooler, more landscaped look to their enclosed driveway/parking area. Consultants DICA Contractors knew just the answer - Grasspave2. DICA designed and installed three Grasspave2 areas for the owners.



Install Size

40 m2 (450 sq ft)


DICA Contractors


DICA Contractors

Project Gallery

Two sections of Grasspave2
Two sections of the Grasspave2 driveway.
Grasspave2 Grass driveway
The main entrance to the private drivway with Grasspave2.
Grasspave2 rolls
Grasspave2 being installed and fit to the area.
Sand in Grasspave2
Filling Grasspave2 with sand.
Placing sod on Grasspave2
Installing sod on Grasspave2.
Grasspave2 - new sod
Topping the Grasspave2 system off with sod.
Grasspave2 in slope of driveway.
The completed section of the Grasspave2 driveway.