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Project Profile:

Private Residence Driveway

Project Summary

Submitted by Owner: “I installed Grasspave2 for part of our driveway to help protect the root zone of a large pecan tree and reduce the overall amount of hard surfaces on our site. I generally don’t like grass for landscaping; however, I really wanted to try this product in a residential application. The City of Austin does not currently give credit for pervious paving materials towards meeting the required impervious cover limits (45% on this site), and this was not the motive for using this material… I just thought it would be an interesting feature. Process: the area was leveled a few inches below the adjacent driveway approach in the front and parking area by the garage; course aggregate was laid down; Grasspave2 product rolled out and snapped together over the aggregate and filled with sand flush to the top of the recycled plastic rings; and finally covered with Zoysia Palisades sod. The plastic rings are supposed to protect the roots of the grass. The grass grew through the sand within a few weeks.”



Install Size

80 2 (860 sq ft)


Nathan Doxsey


Nathan Doxsey

Project Gallery

Competed installation with sod for grass coverage. Two concrete pads lay at both ends of the Grasspave2 structure.
Preparing the site: the owner will be preparing the base.
The porous base course is placed and compacted.
Grasspave2 rolls are ready for installation.
Grasspave2 rolls are down and placed.
Sand in raked into the Grasspave2 structure.