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Project Profile:

Public Parking

Project Summary

The town of Golden and the United Church teamed up to install Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 porous paving to provide public parking. The Grasspave2 bays and the Gravelpave2 driving aisles will provide parking for church goers and the public.


901 11th Avenue South, Golden, BC V0A 1H2

Install Size

440 m2 (4736 sq ft) Grasspave2 360m2 (3875 sq ft) of Gravelpave2


Town of Golden Planning Department


Town of Golden municipal maintenance crew

Project Gallery

Grasspave2 grass permeable parking bays on the perimeter of the parking lot. Gravelpave2 drive aisles was placed for higher traffic frequency.
Grass provides an attractive area and a functional parking lot.
“Park on the Grass is not a sign you expect to see in town. But her at the United Church Green Parking Lot, parking on the grass is exactly what you do. The town of Golden partnered with the United Church to construct and lease the parking lot to provide public parking. The construction method demonstrates innovative and forward thinking by installing grass and gravel rather than asphalt. Research has shown that the green paving method has been used in many other places around the world including cold climates. Grass paving systems have been around for some time and improve upon concrete or asphalt surfaces by allowing natural water filtration. Rainwater and snowmelt can percolate through the surface and back into the ground (infiltrating) where the water is cleaned and returned to the ground water supplies. By reducing excess runoff and processing and cleaning the water, the natural water cycle is safeguarded. The grass and gravel paving systems have a simple but impressive technology that includes a foundation of compacted gravel overlaid with a grid of connected shallow cylinders. Each cylinder is filled with grass turf or sand with grass sown into the sand to complete the natural and attractive surface. The gravel driving surface on the parking lot works much the same. Please demonstrate your appreciation for the Town’s commitment to environmental excellence by parking ON the grass!”
Installation of the sand inside the Grasspave2 rings.
Gravel fill getting placed in Gravelpave2.