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Project Profile:

Residential Community – Private

Project Summary

The water district had a continuous drainage issue from offsite irrigation runoff collecting around the existing reservoirs. In an effort to protect the above ground reservoirs from water damage, Draincore2 was chosen to intercept the excess water and transport it to a 12” SDR perforated pipe away from the reservoir structures. The reservoir holds a water capacity of 2.5 million gallons-so moving the existing structures was not an option. An impermeable geomembrane fabric lined the bottom of the Draincore2 with a 6 oz. non-woven geotextile fabric was placed above. Class II base materials were applied above the system.


Highway 111 & Frank Sinatra Drive

Install Size

370 m2 (3,800 sq ft)




Agave LanForm

Project Gallery

Preliminary detail showing Draincore2 adjacent to the above ground reservoir.
Preliminary detail showing the project location.
Preliminary detail showing the cross-sections of Draincore2.
Preliminary detail of the vicinity.