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Project Profile:

Residential Patio Support and Inserts

Project Summary

K. Dakin Design was looking for a unique and beautiful way to build two patios on the back of this residential house. Gravelpave2 was a great solution. Normally, a unsupported crusher run (breeze) is used in the space between the flagstones. Here, a larger gravel was filled into Gravelpave2. Gravelpave2 will prevent the rutting, erosion, and settlingnormally associated with the crusher run. The Gravelpave2 supported flagstone patio will provide alower maintenance and longer lasting patio. This patio with water feature and integral sandstone pavers. This project really shows off what the Gravelpave2 can do to reinforce gravel laterally and vertically.


Denver, CO

Install Size

40 m2 (432 sf)


Karla Dakin, K. Dakin Design


Green by Nature- Greg Alvarado

Project Gallery

Flagstone embedded in Gravelpave2
Flagstone pavers are embedded nearly level to the top of the gravel and Gravelpave2 rings.
Paver Support with Gravelpave2
The Gravelpave2 supports gravel and keeps the flagstone in place.
Water Feature with Gravelpave2
The water feature provides a nice touch in the patio.
Closeup of Flagstone and Gravelpave2
This closeup shows the flagstone and Gravelpave2 are level to the top.
Finished flagstone and Gravelapve2 patio
The finished patio.
Gravelpave2 flagstone patio
The rings of the Gravelpave2 were cut and the flagstone pavers placed in the recessed areas.
Gravelpave2 patio
Two separate patios were made with Gravelpave2.