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Project Profile:

Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Project Summary

This application is a combination use for firelane and event parking, mostly for tennis tournaments. Many hotels use Grasspave2 because secondary firelane access of reinforced grass looks nicer than an asphalt road going all the way around a property and the beautiful lawns enhance the visual aspects of the space.


68-900 Frank Sinatra Drive, Rancho Mirage, CA  92270

Install Size

980 m2 (10,560 sq ft)




HCB Contractors, supplied by Coast Turf Supply, 1510 Palmyrita Avenue, Riverside, CA  92507

Project Gallery

Event parking for a tennis tournament, Grasspave2 allowing cars to park on the grass with no damage to the lawn area. Photo was taken twelve years after the firelane/parking area was installed.
Same area without cars on the lawn in 1991 after three years. Entrance area looks more luxurious with a wide expanse of grass.
Bighorn sheep are grazing nearby the firelane. This firelane of grass blends in well with the natural surroundings.