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Project Profile:

San Dieguito River Park

Project Summary

Gravelpave2 was chosen for a multiple use trail for mountain biking, hiking and equestrian use. The mat system was filled with decomposed granite and will help with the elimination of ruts and potholes, thus providing a smooth, stable trail surface.


12575 Sunset Drive, Escondido, CA

Install Size

1300 m2 (15,000 sq ft)


KTU&A Architects


Marathon Construction

Project Gallery

The existing soil is leveled and compacted.
Here, workers install the tan Gravelpave2. The flexible rolls can conform to moderate curves in trails as shown here. More drastic curves would require cutting and shifitng pieces.
The decomposed granite fill matches nicely with the existing soil type and natural surroundings.
The center part of the trail is reinforced with Gravelpave2 and level with the non-reinforced area.
Gravelpave2 can help slabilize areas with slight to moderate slopes. Contact Invisible Structures, directly (800-233-1510) for help with slopes greater than 5-7%.
Gravelpave2 is good for reducing rutting and erosion caused by horses, mountain bikes, hikers as well as natural causes from water and wind.
The San Dieguito River Valley is to the left of this photo.