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Project Profile:

San Elijo Middle School

Project Summary

The circular lawn area provides for multiple uses - student activities, recreation and a fire lane. Invisible Structures does not recommend the use of cleated shoes on a Grasspave2 system. There are five buildings in this school complex so a lot of children use the central courtyard where there is a large circle of grass with Grasspave2, which serves double duty as a fire lane and as a play area for the children.


San Elijo Road and 1600 Schoolhouse Way, San Marcos, CA  92078-1002

Install Size

740 m2 (7,900 sq ft)


San Marcos Unified School District



Project Gallery

The circular Grasspave2 lawn area provides for a nice volleyball court.
The San Elijo School sign and buildings on the corner of School House Way and San Elijo Road. Fire lane is to the right into the central courtyard.
The center grass area has reinforcement with Grasspave2 for fire lane access as printed on the concrete.
Grasspave2 is used to reinforce this central courtyard area for both fire lane access and pedestrian wear.
Grasspave2 is in the grass shown here to widen the fire lane and provide for high pedestrian use.
The fire lane starts at these bollards along the carpool drive, goes over this concrete area as marked and proceeds around the central commons courtyard where Grasspave2 is used in the grass area.