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Project Profile:

San Jose State University

Project Summary

At San Jose State University, founded in 1847, the campus has grown in the downtown area. Grasspave2 was used to maintain emergency and maintenance vehicle access down San Carlos Street which was turned into a pedestrian mall for student safety and to enlarge the core of the campus. A Grassrings2 job, from 1990, is located on the south side of the Children’s Discovery Museum, which you passed on San Carlos Street, the east side of Guadalupe Parkway. It’s an eleven year old installation that can be located in our Project Profile list.


Between 7th and 9th on the east side of Events Center

Install Size

330 m2 (3,552 sq ft)




Valley Crest Landscape, 7043 Commerce Circle, Pleasanton, CA  94588

Project Gallery

From atop the Events Center looking at the Grasspave2 reinforced grass and pedestrian nature of the area.
Ground level view showing grass driving area, light poles, and shade producing trees.
The brown on the grass is dried grass clippings. View in the second block from 9th looking back toward 8th.
Events Center main entrance with grass mall at corner of San Carlos and 7th.