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From Eric at Seas the Day–– "It's still holding up strong and we love it." From https://seasthedaystj.wordpress.com/2015/01/05/gravelpave/ –– "As I mentioned before, our plan wasto installa pavement system called Gravelpave2 for our parking area instead of paving it over with concrete. Well, it’s all done, and I think it turned out great! The system overall costed about half the price thatpaving it with concrete would have (after you buy the grid, base sand/grave, finish gravel, and labor). It provides a solid surface when you walk or drive on it, and it doesn’t feel like you’re on gravel at all. Also, with how our parking area turned out - the concrete retaining wall on one side and concrete house on the other - the gravel softens up the space visually so it’s not one huge concrete area. The process oflaying down this system was pretty easy. First we graded the soil so that any water run-off would go down the parking area and out into thelandscape away from the house. Some water percolates down through the paving system into the soil, but once the soil becomes saturated the water needs a place to go, if it doesn't,it will start pooling up. Next, we spread out a sandy/large gravel base about 1″ thick and compacted itdown. Then, we rolled out the black plastic Gravelpave2 mesh and anchored it into the ground. Finally, we spread the finish pea gravel out on top of the rings and compacted it again."


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~90 m2 (~1000 sq ft)


Seas the Day


Seas the Day

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