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Project Profile:

Silverthorne Town Pavilion

Project Summary

A small park of open space was created by Highway 9 border on the west and the pathway close to the Blue Fork River on the east. A natural wilderness setting is apparent on the river side of the path with a groomed lawn for recreation on the other. Gravelpave2 provides an attractive connection between the two different areas. The gravel reinforced surface is excellent for walking, while providing great stability for bicycles and strollers as well. Gravelpave2 is approved for handicapped access (see testing section on the web). This was a relatively flat site. When designing with sloping pathways in mind, be sure to specify and order Gravelpave2 with crossbars to prevent stormwater from creating rill erosion between the rings. Crossbars connect rings together in the weft, not the warp, direction of the mats and should be installed perpendicular to the slope.


400 Blue River Parkway, Silverthorne, CO 80497

Install Size

460 m2 (4,952 sf)




Summit Landscaping, P O Box 4079, Dillon, CO 80435

Project Gallery

Aggregate Paving preserves storm water under the walkways in a small park of open space in Silverthorne, Colorado, using Gravelpave2.
Gravelpave2 marries well with wild flowers, trees, and the vegetation near the Blue Fork River to the right, because it maintains a natural setting with small stone fill material and low maintenance .
Gravel Paving preserves storm water by allowing it to drain through the gravel using Gravelpave2.
View looking north from the back of the retail building.
Pervious Paving preserves storm water by using Gravelpave2 on the trails.
Gravelpave2 can be shaped easily into a curved line path by slightly stretching one edge. Pie-shaped pieces can be cut out of an inside curve to increase the arc.
Gravel Reinforcement preserves storm water by using Gravelpave2 on the trails.
Point where the pathway intersects with the Highway 9 (behind the camera). The path doesn’t parallel the noisy highway, but redirects people along the river to the Community Center in the distance.