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Project Profile:

Skylar’s Trail

Project Summary

This short private trail through the woods allows Skylar an opportunity to experience the wilderness in his wheelchair. His mother closely supervises his motoring while he is learning to use head controls for direction Gravelpave2 provides good traction and stability, even in rainy or snowy conditions. Edge guards may be added along the sides of the path in the future when Skylar’s skill level progresses to allow independent use of his chair. A telephone cable was installed after the path was finished. Workers simply removed a small section, laid the cable, and put the Gravelpave2 pieces and fill material back in place. Approximately 2” of road base sandy gravel was laid and compacted before the Gravelpave2 was installed. Quad wheelchairs with battery power are heavy so it’s important that the road base is designed to take the weight.


Sunshine Canyon, Boulder, CO (permission required)

Install Size

285 m2 (3068 sq ft)


Arrowhead Trails, PO Box 553, Nederland, CO  80466



Project Gallery

Aggregate Paving was installed in Skylar’s Trail, Nederland, Colorado, using Gravelpave2.
Stability on loop turns with grade change. No skidding is important.
Gravel Reinforcement was installed in Skylar’s Trail, Nederland, Colorado, using Gravelpave2.
View of short wilderness ADA trail. Gravelpave2 sharp gravel fill blends in with the surrounding forest for a natural appearance.