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Project Profile:

Sound Transit Station

Project Summary

The existing Sound Transit Rail Station was due for renovation. Originally designed as a temporary structure, the wooden train platform was transformed into apermanent, $46 million concretestructure. Renovation included 390 parking bays, bicycle storage, buses transferarea, covered waiting, pedestrian plaza, and public art. Rainstore3 was designed in to hold the stormwater runoff from all the impermeable surfaces including parking, platforms, and roofs. 11 individual beds (chambers) of Rainstore3 detention systems were used. Each bed consisted of stacks of 7 unit-high (0.7 meters, 2.3 ft) Rainstore3 in varying layout configurations.


Install Size

1,976 m3 (19,762 units) to hold 65,600 cf/490,000 gals


Tetra Tech 



Project Gallery

Rainstore3 detention system
A chamber of Rainstore3 is enclosed in geotextile fabric (foreground) and stacks of Rainstore3 ready to be placed (background).
Pipe and storage chamber
Pipes lead to the storage chambers and are easily interfaced with the system.
Excavation of chamber
One chamber is excavated and ready for the Rainstore3 system.
Access ports are visible on the covered Rainstore3 chambers.
Access ports are visible on the covered Rainstore3 chambers.