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Project Profile:

Sunrise Park Soccer Field

Project Summary

This site is a good example of stable off street parking at a soccer facility, a common use for Gravelpave2. Stormwater runs off the playground which has caused some erosion of sand which is shown here on top of the gravel fill in the Gravelpave2. This erosion did not continue into the Gravelpave2 installation and it remains firm and without ruts.


4th Street East, North Vancouver, BC

Install Size

4822 m2 (50,000 sq ft)


City of North Vancouver


City of North Vancouver

Project Gallery

Soccer field parking using Gravelpave2 allowing water to drain off the asphalt street.
There is a long strip of Gravelpave2 off-street parking at this soccer field called Sunrise Park.
The patches shown in the Gravelpave2 parking bays is from sand deposits that have eroded off the park beyond the fence to the right. The gravel fill in the GV2 rings is not eroding.
The parking bays are delineated with the posts that mark the parking widths.
There is plenty of depth to these parking slots to allow for long vehicles.
Here is some erosion of sand that came off the playing field onto our Gravelpave2 parking area in the foreground. Inorganic material, like sand, will not adversely affect Gravelpave2.