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Project Profile:

Telacu San Bernadino

Project Summary

The site’s tight constraints made Rainstore3 an good choice. Nine units high and the small footprint could still hold all the site’s stormwater for a 10 year storm. The Rainstore3 chamber is under parking bays at the site.


708 W 4th St., San Bernadino, CA

Install Size

315 units (1040 cu ft)




L&S Construction Inc.

Project Gallery

The Rainstore3 were stacked nine units high (90 cm - 36 inches).
A layer of geogrid is placed on the bottom of the excavated ares.
Geotextile fabric is placed, and will encase the Rainstore3 units.
A port is placed in by removing the Rainstore3 units and wrapping the geotextile fabric tightly to the pipe.
An outlet pipe is attached to the chamber.
A worker compacts the side backfill.
Geogrid is placed above the entire chamber- sidefill and Rainstore3 chamber.