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Project Profile:

Temple Bat Yam

Project Summary

When designing a parking lot, be sure to provide two or more access points for ingress and egress to the grass reinforced area. This will allow the client a chance to rotate the entrance when the one becomes stressed or if there are several points of access such as grass in the bays only, then wear won’t be noticeable. There is only one grass paved entrance on this job so that area will be worn.


1011 Camelback Street, Newport Beach, CA

Install Size

8,000 sq ft




KPRS construction

Project Gallery

Grasspave2 reinforced grass parking lot at Temple Bat Yam.
The center ingress egress lane in the distance where it meets with the asphalt pavement shows signs of wear. The area in the foreground, even though it is a parking aisle is fine.
Separation of parking areas is done with raised concrete curbs. The trees in the islands have been recently planted and when mature will provide nice shade for parked cars.
This similar design is carried out in the asphalt main parking lot. Access to the grass lot is straight ahead and is roped off with yellow tape during the week.
Decorative circular sidewalks cross the parking areas. Placement of trees along with raised curbs help define the parking spaces.