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Project Profile:

The Covington, An Episcopal Home Community

Project Summary

Some of the reasons for Grasspave2's popularity is that the fire lanes are grass lawns which add to the residential appearance; grass has a low ambient air temperature in warm climates; grass is quieter since it absorbs sounds; the green appearance is pleasant; outdoor pedestrian use is the focus and not fire truck use; cars don't park on the fire lane; and grass fire lanes have light recreation uses.


3 Pursuit, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656-4213

Install Size

1,860 m2 (20,000 sq ft)




American Landscape

Project Gallery

The main entrance sign for The Covington which is a multi-care facility from independent living, assisted living, and nursing care living.
This fire lane of Grasspave2 flanks the sidewalk next to the retaining wall, overlooking the valley.
Looking the other direction from the last photo, the fire lane continues to flank the sidewalk around this cluster of single level residences. "No Parking Fire Lane" signs are numerous.
This section of fire lane enters from an asphalt drive. Flush concrete curbs mark the outer edges of both sides.
NW end of highrise shows the terminus of the fire lane in the foreground and the back-into slot on the left near the hydrant. The sidewalk edge is painted red.
A closer view shows the slot on the left, the long lane of reinforced grass, and the turn at the far end which puts you near the front entrance.
This is the entrance end of the above fire lane where it wraps around the highrise. Note the good delineation of the Grasspave2 area.