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Project Profile:

The Heroes Gym

Project Summary

“We needed additional parking and we looked at Gravelpave2 since it wouldn’t contribute anymore run-off than the existing undisturbed field,” states David Greer, EIT with O’Donald Engineering. “Otherwise, an asphalt lot would have added almost a mile of storm sewer to the project.” “We approached the City with the Gravelpave2 idea, and they accepted,” adds Greer. The site was also able to keep many of the old growth trees that grew in the field. “The Arborist was also pleased we could keep the well established trees,” says Greer. “He was concerned if we had an asphalt parking lot, the impervious surface encroaching on the tree’s drip line would eventually kill them.”


1800 Bonnie View, Dallas, TX

Install Size

600 m2 (6880 sq ft)


Merriman Associates Architects, Inc., O’Donald Engineering


Crocker & Reynolds Construction Addison, Texas. Installer: Concrete Paving Systems Duncanville, Texas

Project Gallery

Old growth trees were saved in part, by using Gravelpave2 porous pavement.
The Gravelpave2 porous lot saved the site from needing to add nearly a mile of storm sewer pipe.