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Project Profile:

The Hyatt Newporter

Project Summary

This is one of the original installations of Ritterings, grass paving system, where 3" PVC pipe was hand cut into 1" high pieces and hand glued onto netting. In the photos below you can see that the rings are still in tact where a new hydrant was being installed. After nearly two decades, our product is still working well. Our Grasspave2 product is now all injection molded into one meter square pieces and then fastened together into long rolls. Ritterings rolls were 4' wide and 20' long, a very similar size to one of our present mats.


1107 Jamboree Road, Newport Beach, CA 92660-6219

Install Size

743 m2 (8,000 sq ft)





Project Gallery

This is the main entrance to The Hyatt Newporter. Up the hill, park to the right at the T, then walk toward the cart path that loops around the hotel to follow the Grasspave2, old Ritterings installation.
The fire lane shown here as a widening of the concrete cart path begins in the parking lot in the distance and proceeds up hill toward the camera.
The path continues with palms on both sides marking the outer limits of the fire lane.
The hydrants on the right are a dead give away that there is a Grasspave2 installation here between the concrete cart path at the left and the hydrants and vegetation on the right.
This is the end section of the fire lane with Ritterings off to the side of the brick cart path. Even after 19 years, there is no difference from turf over our product and turf to the right.