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Project Profile:

Titleist Ball Plant/Acushnet Company

Project Summary

Rainstore3 was designed in by G.A.F. to handle the stormwater run-off from an enlarged pervious parking area & drainage swale. G.A.F. insisted on Rainstore3 for its efficiency and strength and for the infiltration from the pervious parking area.


215 Duchaine Boulevard

Install Size

1,025 m3 (10,250 units) to hold 36,000 cf/276,500 gals


G.A.F. Engineering, Wareham, MA


McCloud Construction

Project Gallery

Rainstore3 stormwater chamber
Workers place the Rainstore3 stacks into the chamber.
Rainstore3 Water Detention Chamber
The final configuration of the Rainstore3 chamber is complete and ready for geogrid.
Closeup of Rainstore3 and geogrid.
Closeup of Rainstore3 and geogrid with a marking for where a pipe interface will occur.