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Project Profile:


Project Summary

This project was installed after the Marriott Hotel which is also on Bishop Drive. The same 3" ring Grasspave2 was used. These two jobs provide an easy to view testament to the longevity of our porous paving with two examples so close to one another, two different clients, and both looking great.


2451 Bishop Drive, San Ramon, CA

Install Size

1226 m2 (13,200 sq ft)





Project Gallery

Toyota main entrance. The fire lane starts in this parking lot just behind the camera.
Beyond the handicapped parking area, the fire lane progresses around the end of the white building, inside the ground-level lighting.
Next section is 90 degrees from the last photo, hugs the building, then turns left to provide access along the warehouse.
View looking back along the warehouse toward the 90 degree bend to the office. Lane is between the fire hydrant on the left and the trees on the right.
North side of warehouse has Grasspave2 fire lane to back corner. All sections of our grass paving look wonderful. The maintenance program is very good. Note: A competitor’s grass paving product was used on the backside section.