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Project Profile:


Project Summary

Uhaul is looking to an environmentally friendly and cost effective way to handle their RV and overflow parking areas. They chose Gravelpave2 for many reasons: first the short term savings from minimizing their underground detention system; second is the long term savings in maintenance; third is the aesthetic and environmental benefits that they realize with a gravelpave2 parking lot. In some areas of the country they are “taxed” for stormwater runoff from their facilities. This is on the specifics of short term/immediate savings that they will realize from the Gravelpave2 parking lots Comprehensive study on this location is being done by Arizona State University.


24908 South Arizona Avenue, Chandler, AZ 85248

Install Size

3,500 m2 (36,000 sq ft)


Huitt-Zollars, Inc.


C and C Paving

Project Gallery

The entrance the the RV and overflow parking area.
Gravelpave2 on the base course partially filled with gravel.
Gravelpave2 being unrolled and anchored to the base course.
The completed installation.
Unfilled Gravelpave2 is snap-fit together to an adjacent roll, making one single contiguous system.
Porous Gravelpave2 meets the impervious surface.