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Project Summary

The downspout for the roof drainage comes down in this NW corner of the building. To lessen the impact of stormwater, a creek bed of large rock was installed. Grassrings2 (our old version 3” ring product) was used on a berm to prevent water from entering the trailer asphalt-surfaced parking lot. Additional product was used beyond the rock area to access the fire hydrant.


33rd and Broadway

Install Size

120 m2 (1292 sq ft)




Havenyield Landscape Design

Project Gallery

Turf Reinforcement was installed in the fire lane access areas and swale grass berm areas as needed using Grasspave2.
Downspout shown on left where roof stormwater enters the rock bed, flows to the right underneath the fence to the corner collection point.
Grass Paver was installed in the fire lane areas and berm areas using Grasspave2.
Close-up of 3” rings reinforcing earth mound. No erosion after several years.
Grass-Porous Pavers were installed in the fire lane areas and berm using Grasspave2.
View of grass fire lane reinforced with Grassrings2, up to the fire hydrant.