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Project Profile:

Univ. of San Diego – Canyonview Aquatics Center

Project Summary

Slopetame2 was used to stabilize the ground under the bleacher area. Slopetame2 was filled with 3/8 inch rock.


Voigt Drive and Justice Lane on UCSD campus.

Install Size

300 m2 (3200 sq ft)


Hanna Gabriel Walls


Rentex Construction

Project Gallery

Completed project (photo courtesy http://recreation.ucsd.edu/aqua/) Slopetame2 is under the bleachers in the left of the photo.
Under construction. The Slopetame2 extends nearly the entire length of the slope.
Retaining walls (not completed) will hold in the remaining areas of the hillside not supported by Slopetame2.
Slopetame2 provides immediate stabilization with the fabric and long-term containment with the ring-grid and bar system to hold in the aggregate.
Reinforced concrete support columns will hold up the bleachers. Slopetame2 was easily cut and fit around the columns.