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Project Profile:

University of Hawaii – Andrews Amphitheater

Project Summary

Terratame2 was used for stabilization of the grass area to access the amphitheater. Pedestrians, golf carts, and utility carts (for catering, bands, and equipment), will all traverse the Terratame2 preventing rutting in rain. The surface of the Terratame2 was nearly invisible two weeks after installation.


2452 Dole St, Honolulu, HI 96822

Install Size

40 sq meters (431 sq ft)


University of Hawaii Maintenance Department - Jameson Ramelb


University of Hawaii Maintenance Department - Jameson Ramelb

Project Gallery

Andrews Amphitheater Terratame2
Photographed immediately after installation, Terratame2 provides traction and protects the grass. This section leads from the walkway to the "stage" of the amphitheater.
Andrews Amphitheater 02
Photo taken two weeks after installation: The grass is growing through the Terratame2 mat and making it nearly invisible – see background of the photo.
Andrews Amphitheater Terratame2 03
Sections of grass are growing in nicely through the Terratame2 void spaces.
Grass growing through Terratame2
The Terratame2 shall become completely camouflaged in about another two weeks – A total of four weeks after installation.
The installation of Terratame2 was described as extremely fast and easy by the U of H Maintenance Department.