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Project Summary

Due to Hilton Head Island regulations, the a UPS expansion at its hub facility required a porous parking lot and road. UPS performed an internal review between porous concrete and Gravelpave2. Installation time for porous concrete was 7 to 10 days, whereas Gravelpave2 was a maximum of 3 days. Porous concrete has only 2,800 psi compressive strength and Gravelpave2 has 15,940 psi. Gravelpave2 was also a third of the cost of pervious concrete. Daily maintenance was deemed too much for pervious concrete with an entire parking area and road lined with deciduous trees.


24 Hunter Road, Hilton Head Island, SC

Install Size

630 m2 (6,80 sf)


Internal Designers at UPS



Project Gallery

UPS hub with porous parking
The UPS hub is adjacent to the airport and landlocked. All UPS traffic flows from here.
UPS Gravelpave2 road
All UPS delivery trucks and Double pub tractor-trailers Drive on this Gravelpave2 road.
Gravelpave2 UPS Hub
About once a month, workers broom the 89 stone (Gravelpave2 fill material), to refill the high traffic areas.
Gravelpave2 porous parking lot at UPS
All employees and visitors park on the porous Gravelpave2 surface.